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K-Taping® SPORT – next level course professional kinesiologic taping courses

K-Taping® SPORT – next level course

professional kinesiologic taping courses

K-Taping® Sport is a specialist course which builds on the knowledge gained through the K-Taping® Pro, with a specific focus on treatment concepts and applications for injury prevention, training, and rehabilitation related to competitive sport. Instructed by a highly trained K-Taping® instructor, this course is excellent for the sportmedicine professional supporting athletes at the competitive or recreational level. The K-Taping®Pro is not a pre-requisite for this course.
K-Taping® International academy is the biggest Professional taping school.

Courses: 26 – 27. May 2018 (2 days) Vilnius
Start: 26.05. at. 10:00 (registration from 9.30 ) – 17:00
27.05. from. 9:00 – 17:00
Venue: Venue: Vilnius Green Park hotel, Ukmerges g. 363, Vilnius (free parking place)

Theory and practice: Basic principles of the K-Taping ® therapy, taping techniques, their practical use, connectivity rules associated with specific therapeutic indications; contraindications, Cross-taping, etc. Collegial answers to your questions. See next page, please.

Course leader: certified senior trainer from Germany – Roger Ehrenreich!
Courses will be held in English.

The course fees for two days: – 199,00 EUR (including VAT). Places are limited!
Special offer till May 07: 179,00 EUR

The course fee includes:
The full set for the launching: K-Tapes, Cross-tape, scissors (for use on the place), colored workbook English; at course day is a two coffee breaks;

International certificate of K-Taping® SPORT course. IKTP-SP

Document confirmation for 16 training academic hours of this KTA International course.
During the courses you can purchase K-Tape® Taping materials for a discount.
kinesiologic tapes, whose quality appreciated and recognized by the leading specialists.
high production quality is strictly controlled and is invariably high. Thanks to provides
reliable professional requirements and is used around the world. Patented materiāls.
Using has developed an original method for various diagnoses as adjunctive therapy, training of professionals take the K-Taping ® International Academy.


Wellcome K-Taping® training course and learn more about kinesiologic tape
e-mail: info@rehavita.eu (for registration&questions)
K-Taping® SPORT

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e-mail: info@rehavita.eu
Office: Armands Rumnieks, tel. +371 29254654,
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Workbook summary
Muscle Techniques Upper Extremity
Basic principles of the muscle techniques
– Tapezius
– Deltoid
– Biceps brachii
– Triceps brachii
– Scalenus anterior/posterior
– Supraspinatus
– Infraspinatus
– Extensor carpi radialis longus
Muscle Techniques Trunk
– Pectoralis minor
– Pectoralis major
– Rectus abdominis
– Transversus abdominis
– Internal/External oblique muscle
– External oblique muscle
– Iliacus/ Iliopsoas
– Quadratus lumborum
Muscle Techniques Lower Extremety
– Adductor longus
– Rectus femoris
– Biceps femoris
– Semimenbranosusq
– Glutaeus maximus
– Tibialis anterior
– Extensor hallucis longus
Indication Techniques Mechanical Correction Ligament Techniques Muscle Techniques Theory
Muscle Techniques Special case
Autochthonous spinal msucles
(Erector spinae)
Ligament Techniques
Basic principles
Collateral ligaments of the knee
Patella ligament
Achilles tendon
Spacetape pain point
Spacetape trigger point
Mechanical Correction
Functional Correction
Patella Correction
Shoulder Correction
Vertebra Correction
Principles and funtionallity
Fascia correction
General principles
Fascia correction for iliotibial tract
Irritation of biceps tendon
Irritation of pes anserinus
Muscle fibre tear
Frontal headache /Sinusitis
Hallux valgus
Anterior shoulder instability
Specific Indication Techniques
Thoracic outlet Syndrome
Problems breathing
Low back pain
Temporomandibular joint
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Finger contusion
Wrist stabilisation
Hit problems
Knee arthritis
Ankle distorsion
Splayfoot and pes planus
Urinary dysfunction
Menstrual conditions
Prolaps of the uterus
Scar tape
Nerve techniques
Medial nerve
Radial nerve
Ulnar nerve
Sciatic nerve
General principles
Lymphatic Correction Techniques
Basic principles
Drainage of the forearm
Drainage of the knee joint
Drainage of the thigh
Drainage of the face